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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bourgeois a no-show?

According to an anonymous source (who bears an uncanny resembence to Fr. Dave La Buda), Fr. Roy Bourgeois will NOT be at the Maryknoll Centennial Alumni Weekend here starting tomorrow, despite his name being on the participants list.

Dave directed my attention to the women's ordination website where, he said (I'm too lazy to look it up myself), Roy is scheduled to be in Chicago this weekend to accept an award from an impressive array of religious groups for his work on behalf of justice. He is also scheduled to be at yet another screening of "Pink Smoke Over the Vatican" in the Windy City.

So unless Roy has learned the fine art of bi-location, I don't think he'll be here tomorrow. Of course, he could put in a cameo appearance and then wing his way westward in time for the other festivities. Will he or won't he? A blogger's dream to keep people intrigued and interested enough to check in frequently.

I just hope Roy doesn't inadvertently demonstrate the philosophy of the ultimate Chicken Hawk, former V.P. Dick Cheney who, when asked why he didn't go to Vietnam as a young man, replied, "I had other priorities."


On this Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, Ms. Teresa Rodriguez, our sacristan, Fr. Ed Szendrey and I schlepped the HUMONGOUS reliquary containing the documented relic of the True Cross, from its implausible place smack in the middle of our sacristy, to a more fitting and proper (albeit temporary) place of honor in the Lady Chapel, to the right of the Pietà. A vigil light honors this day.

Where we eventually put it depends on what we think it is. If we wish to venerate it as the relic it purports to be, then it should be enshrined in a place of worship. If we deem it a
mere curious artifact, than it can go back out into the Spellman Room among other objects d'art.


It's an understandable mistake. For several months now, our Sodexo staff, at the behest of the All-Important Food Committee, has offered a specialty coffee each breakfast and lunch time along with the standard brews. French Roast is one popular choice. Another is labeled "Columbian" (sic). It's not as if we are a foreign mission Society with global interests and international sensitivities with a high concentration of guys who come from or worked in Latin America. I mean, who understands Spanish around here anyway?

Hey, for all I know, the spelling might be correct. Who wants to drink coffee from Harvard?

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