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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your guess is as good as mine

So there I was, walking Hopi through the path in our lower woods yesterday afternoon as is our daily wont, when a flash caught my eye. There, affixed to a tree about 20 feet from the path, was a motion-activated camera. Odd place for a security camera, I thought to myself, since no one had reported stolen leaves or tree limbs. So I called physical plant.

Mr. Al Vitiello arrived on the scene and once again, the camera flashed. He didn't know who had put it there or why. A call to our security office quickly ruled them out as the owners of the camera. Two remaining suspects, as it were, would be Fr. John Hudert who is known to frequent this sylvan glade throughout the year, whether to trim the undergrowth or cross-country ski; or our former chef who is an avid bow-and-arrow huntsman this time of year and may be staking out a position for future prey. In any event, 24 hours have past and we have yet to identify the camera's owner. (Could THIS be the Scotch tape on the door of a latter-day Watergate?)

Meanwhile, continueing my walk Hopi and I happened upon this sight in our lower cemetery:

My first guess was that this is a grave for someone's pet boa constrictor. But Al explained that after 30 some-odd years, it has been decided to put in proper drainage for this level. (Talk about "Ewwww" factor.) We aways knew the water table at this section was inordinately high, but with recent rains, and several more days of deluge expected this week, it was agreed that this unintended burial at sea need no longer put a damper on things, so to speak. (For the curious and less squeamish among you, Google "saponification.")

In other news....

Tomorrow's much hyped KNOLLSTOCK (Employees & Knollers picnic) which this year, as the title suggests, has a 60s theme, complete with bellbottoms, long hair and tie-died shirts (although I suspect other more, shall we say, psychotropic aromas shall be regrettably eschewed) HAS BEEN POSTPONED TILL NEXT THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, due to the aforementioned heavy rains. This is particularly ironic, since the original Woodstock was, in fact, held in the pouring rain with everything and everyone covered in mud.

Then again, maybe the 60s theme is simply acknowledging that we aging hippies are now in our 60s.

You know what they say about the 1960s: if you can remember them, you weren't there.

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