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Friday, September 9, 2011

Pre-emptive 9-11 Memorial Service

"Who's responsible for this?"

"Where did this come from?"

"What's going to happen next?"

No, these are not recollected utterances from 10 years ago as the Twin Towers fell. These questions flew fast and furious yesterday and today in the chapel and sacristy since it was announced that, in addition to a community 9-11 memorial on the actual date this Sunday, there would be a rather impromptu service at the Mass today.

Gotta say, this breakdown in communication, confusion and panic certainly recaptured what we did in 2001 as Fr. Ray Finch, the superior general, agreed to my suggestion to toll our bells and gather Maryknollers and employees for prayer. We had about 20 minutes to throw something together.

That being said, Ms. Lucille Naughton as music director, Fr. Mike Duggan as celebrant and Fr. Ed Szendrey as cantor certainly rose to the occasion and today's service, scheduled to begin at 11:15 in the main chapel, promises indeed to be memorable.

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