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Friday, September 16, 2011

Ecumenical and interreligeous vespers

In lieu of a Roman Catholic Eucharistic liturgy, (a.k.a. Mass) which one person was overheard as considering "too Christocentic" (?!), the Maryknoll Alumni gathered this afternoon for a prayer service in remembrance of all deceased classmates.

The service will include Protestant, Buddhist, Sufi and Jewish, and Native American elements, among others. This may strike some as odd until you remember 1) This is taking place at Maryknoll, NY; 2) Many former Maryknollers have not only left the priesthood and brotherhood, they have left the Catholic Church and 3) Many have continued ministry in other Churches, notably Lutheran, United Church of Christ and Episcopalian.

The singing of "Dona nobis pacem" gave this a certain "Requiem for the 1960s" feel.

In that light, there is something about this prayer service that is quintessentially Maryknoll.

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  1. Joe - Just as a point of clarification, the Alumni gathering (apart from the banquet) will close this afternoon with an honest-to-goodness Christo-centric RC Mass.