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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Colbert Report

THANKS TO MS. CARRIE SEO, one of the Sunday School teachers at St. Paul's, Fr. Ed Szendrey and I got to watch a live taping of tonight's Colbert Report. Carrie's friend Richard rounded out our group that, owing to her planning and persistence (she waited in line at the studio on West 53rd St. from 2:30 on for the 7 p.m. shooting) we were able to garner tickets #1~4!

OK, so we finally get into the rather small studio that holds less than one hundred, and are seated in the second row. After a great warm-up routine by a stand-up comic whose name escapes me, out came Stephen Colbert to schmooze with the audience before the taping began. He invited questions. I asked, "What changes would you make if you were pope?" He responded, "I'd let priest get it on—legally. You know what I mean, get married."

Me, never known to let a good set-up line go by, added "Yes, but only if they love each other."

He was flumoxed and blubbered something before going on to the next question! My simple win.

The show was fascinating to watch with all the cameras and managers and prompters flying around.

Mr. Craig Watkins, D.A. from Dallas, was the guest. Watkins uses D.N.A. to exonerate men who have been imprisoned wrongfully for many years.

Colbert is probably the most popular, hip and funny Catholic commentator on TV. Hmm....maybe we can get him to do some schtick for our 100th.

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  1. I'm a label!

    It was great to have you and Fr. Ed there. Next up - The Daily Show? ;)