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Saturday, December 26, 2009

On the feast of Stephen

AT LAST I AM BACK (sort of) from my Christmas hiatus which had me scurrying about the Korean Church in Queens. I am sure all of you had nothing better to do this past week than sit in front of your computers waiting for another Knollnews post. Even now I prepare to go Upstate to celebrate the Third through the Sixth Days of Christmas, but up in the Adirondacks it will be more like Five Dogs a' Barking.

Still, I have been at Mother Knoll long enough to glean a few tidbits here and there. Alas, some are of such a personal, ad hominem nature that, absent a good canon lawyer, or a good cannon for that matter, I would do well to let the proverbial fit hit the shan and simply report on any future public fallout. That comment alone should entice all y'all to check in often. But head's up: I won't be physically back to MK till the 30th, so things I do post I've picked up via email or the all-subversive Facebook pages.

That being said, here are some public bits of knowledge of which you are free to read between the rather spacious lines:

In addition to the bizarre and unfortunate incident during the Midnight (i.e. 10:00 p.m.) Mass at the Vatican in which a deranged woman knocked His Holiness down and sent French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray to the hospital, Cardinal Ivan Dias, our boss in the Vatican, has been in and out of the hospital recovering from an undisclosed illness (at least to me) for the past several weeks.

Subsequently, much of the Super G's official business in his trip to Rome earlier this month has had to be put
in abeyance. (Don't you love that word?) Not the least, and certainly not the last of which is Brother Wayne's
election as First Assistant. U.S. Regional Mike Duggan has had to manage the region by himself until Rome
decides what to do. It hasn't been easy on Wayne, Mike or for that matter Doc. There is a ripple effect
(here are the lines you are supposed to read between) in that Cardinal Dias won't decide on this and
other matters until he feels better, Doc can't act until Dias decides, and Wayne is not the only one whose
future in in the hands of the Cardinal. (Who needs The Young & the Restless when we have
The Old and The Nervous?)

Will Brett and Scarlett make up? Will Tiffany change
her mind and have the baby, even though,
unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend Chad
had a vasectomy last year?

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of
As the Knoll Turns.

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