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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Liturgy and Korean mission update

FR. TOM MARTI recommends reminding guys they can support the effort to put the brakes on the liturgical Latinization by signing a petition on the following site:

The link was posted too far down in the Ryan article so you may have missed it. Marty points out that more than 1,600 signatures have been garnered s far.

Also Fr. Gene Toland wrote concerning the failed Korean mission to Sudan. He was unable to post a comment for some reason (I tried as well and it didn't appear in the comments sidebar) so here it is:
"From the experience of Korean priests coming to language school to prepare to work in LA, I would say the Korean church needs a serious reflection on how to send missioners abroad. The face presented by some borders at times on the scandalous. Some host families now refuse to take in the Korean playboys."

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