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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gathering of Centenary Eagles

WITH THE CLOCK TICKING, nine members of the 11-member Centenary Committee finally gathered from around the world to finalize (?) plans for Maryknoll's 100th. The prize for traveling farthest goes to Fr. Jim Kroeger from the Philippines, with Fr. Joyalito Tajonera from Taiwan coming in a close (or is that a distant?) second. Fr. Steve Judd migrated north from Peru; Karibu sana to Fr. Ken Thesing from Africa, but Br. John Beeching stayed behind to escort very ill Fr. Doug Venne back to Bangladesh from Thailand. (Please keep Doug in your prayers.)

Mr. Greg Darr came in from the Chicago Promotion House. Fr. Jack Sullivan is rumored to be around. Mr. Dave Brown (former MKer) also arrived this morning. These will join the Executive Committee: Fr. Bob Jalbert, Ms. Diane Bernadini (Donor Services) and Ms. Bernadette Price (Orbis).

Rumor has it they will find a HUGE folder of proposals awaiting them.

In the meantime, there are somethings that luckily don't require a Committee or C-3 to put into practice. Br. Kevin Dargan and I will proceed with the relatively inexpensive project to post relevant Maryknoll historical dates on the stand outside the foodline. He and I will go through a mission chronicle put together by the late Fr. Larry Vaughan. We hope eventually to have a few anniversary dates posted each week.

In other news, Rev. Mr. Stephen DeMartino, Vocations Coordinator, has taken wing to Jamaica (the one in the Caribbean, not the one in Queens) to reconnoiter Fr. Leo's Shea's mission as the proposed site for next Holy Week's Vocation Discernment Retreat. Four NEW prospects have already signed up. Five men are applying for admission next year.

NEWLY ORDAINED Fr. Stephen Taluja is due in today to celebrate his first Mass at his home parish, Holy Spirit in Cortlandt, this Sunday and meet with Father Superior.

Speaking of whom, Doc was unable to meet with Cardinal Ivan Dias in Rome because the prelate took sick and had to be hospitalized.

Still no word on Br. Wayne's election as First Assistant U.S. Regional.

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