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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Everyone's fine" [movie review]

WOW. No apocalypse. No explosions. No chase scenes. No frickin' cgi fx. No violence. No sex or gratuitous nude scenes. Just wonderful acting by superb actors (Robert DeNiro and Drew Barrymore) with impeccable direction, crisp photography, great music and a tight plot.

Alas, this will not be the kind of multimillion dollar blockbuster that keeps Hollywood studios addicted to producing the mindless pap to muddle the minds of the teaming masses yearning to escape. More's the pity.

"Everyone's fine" celebrates the all-too-human condition of the dysfunctional family and the lies we tell or truths we withhold to maintain an illusion of normalcy.

Robert DeNiro plays Frank, a recent widower, who takes it upon himself to travel by bus and train around the country and surprise his four adult children whose busy lives no longer allow time for gathering together as a family.

Each one attempts to continue the charade that "everyone's fine" but eventually the whole sham comes crashing down. Ultimately, the elusive truth proves more hurtful and devastating than the little white lies they used to protect the father from life's tragedies.

"Everyone' Fine" holds up a mirror to the human spirit and the little quirks that make us oddly lovable. You may come out edified or depressed, depending on your own family situation. But in so far as it captures our humanity and underscores family, this movie certainly resonates with the Maryknoll spirit.

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  1. Since I find that film meaningful, your comments resonate with me.

    BTW, growing-up with my parents (PA-MI) since 10'39, I recall long seeing the little publication they regularly received from your Maryknoll.