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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A modest proposal

BR. VIANNY FLICK suggested to Sodexo that perhaps instead of Civil War trivia or the invention of the sewing machine by Elias Howe in 1846, it might be good to post pertinent events in Maryknoll's 98 year history at the entrance to the food line.

According to Flick, he got his head handed to him from "people upstairs." Fr. Ernie Lukaschek? Inquiring minds want to know, especially since, IMHO, this is a great idea. Certainly our archives can provide a steady supply of Maryknoll historical facts such as when certain "giants" joined or first set foot overseas, when certain new regions were added, and when exactly was Fr. Price's heart enshrined at the tomb of St. Bernadette in Navarre. (OK, maybe this is not the greatest thing to read just before lunch. Then again, it could be the start of a new Maryknoll diet: "Suppress your appetite! Read a disturbing factoid from our history!")

Seriously, as we await ideas and plans from our Centenary Committee, here is one that could be implemented immediately without endless meetings and minimal expense. Visitors, especially, would be edified to learn more about our history as they wait in the food line, the Battle of Antietem or the pedal-powered chain stitcher notwithstanding. Mayhaps as a member of the all-important Food Committee, I can revisit this proposal at next week's meeting.

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