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Sunday, March 21, 2010

All-important House Meeting

LAST WEDNESDAY the monthly house meeting took up, among other things, a suggestion from the all-important Safety Committee that hand railings be added in the main chapel to assist those who need assisting to mount the one step to the main altar and, if also necessary, the three steps to the tabernacle.

The all-important Liturgy Committee had already considered this recommendation by the all-important Safety Committee and, like Solomon of old, decided it best to split the thing in half. Walking through the chapel with Mr. Al Vitiello (Physical Plant) and Ms. Nancy Kleppel, Fr. John Kaserow suggested a single rail on both sides of the altar, one near the credence table, the other near the presider's chair. This will help those who need help and maintain the aesthetic symmetry of the chapel.

Railings up the three steps to the tabernacle seemed like P.C. attentiveness run amok. Upon reflection, no one who needs a cane or walker to get around would be approaching the tabernacle to get or replace the ciborium. That's why God created M.C.s and acolytes. Besides, if a man required TWO railings to go up, then how would he negotiate coming down the steps with the ciborium? Thus that recommendation was wisely scrapped.

In other news, the all-important Food Committee announced that that evening's traditional and de rigeur St. Patrick's Day offering of boiled corned beef and boiled cabbage and boiled potatoes and boiled carrots, would be offset and, one hopes, ameliorated by a savory lamb curry stew. Irish Coffee and "spontaneous" singing of Irish ditties, thanks to the labors of Br. Kevin Dargan who passed out song sheets, took people's minds off the corned beef.

Two says later, St. Joseph's Day (just like St. Patrick's Day, minus a parade but with better food) would further shatter our Lenten promises with seafood ravioli and sundry cannoli and sfogliatelli.

Looking ahead, a prime rib dinner would celebrate Holy Thursday's celebration of the Lord's Supper and the institutions of the Eucharist and the priesthood. A collation would follow the Mass on Holy Saturday. And on Easter Sunday, something new: a special brunch would follow the morning 9:00 Mass.

Fr. Ernie Lukaschek introduced Fr. Ed Szendrey as one of the two (along with Fr. Bob Jalbert, who wasn't present that day) newly elected members of the U.S. regional council. For his part, Ed, representing the all-important Crisis Committee, reminded the men that, except for those who live in the Assisted Living area (Second Floor M & C wings) all are expected to vacate the building when they hear the fire alarm no matter the hour. Men who remain in their rooms in the Assisted Living wings must notify the main reception desk of their whereabouts so EMS can, if necessary, evacuate them.

The question of some guys being unable to hear the loud, shrill and ear-splitting alarm will be addressed by the Crisis Committee.


UPDATE: Fr. Romane St. Vil has returned to Haiti for another relief mission.

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