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Saturday, March 6, 2010


MR. BILL VENDLEY, executive director for the U.N. Conference for Religions and Peace, is here for a two-day meeting with nine members of his team. Many of you may remember Bill from WAY back when he was a lay missioner. Fr. John McAuley also worked with the UNCRP before serving as publisher of our mags and books.

I was curious as to why the UNCRP was listed on our bulletin board as "Religions for Peace" and Bill said that is their popular title as each geographical group carries that name: "Religions for Peace in Africa" etc.

Ever the curious logophile, I mused if there were any religions for war? Fr. Mike Walsh opined that Odin might still have a following.

Today is also the quiet between the storms as 150 students and parents visited yesterday and another 150 are due tomorrow. (Personally I am a little miffed that, among various and sundry Maryknoll publications, our visitors will also be offered the Maryknoll lapel pin. I am all for generosity and hospitality, but gosh darn it I'd like something that exclusively designated Society members. Maybe I should resurrect that tattoo suggestion...)

It's a good weekend to be away from the Knoll, although I may have jumped from the proverbial frying pan into the metaphorical fire. This weekend I am with 70 Korean high school students and teachers at a weekend workshop at St. Josaphat's (Ukrainian) Catholic retreat house in Glen Cove, Long Island.

Luckily Father Dennis Moorman and Fr. Ed Szendrey graciously agreed to help with confessions this evening. Between us and Fr. Gabriel Lee, the pastor, we should finish sometime before midnight.

Hmmm...for a penance could we ask them all to apply to Maryknoll???

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