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Thursday, March 4, 2010


WE WELCOME BACK Fr. Ernie Lukaschek, pastoral coordinator, who returned from convalescing at St. T's following surgery. Ernie is easing back into his duties and met briefly with the newly constituted House Council (Blazo, Dargan and moi. Ahearn was on the road) today over lunch. We discussed upcoming celebrations (St. Pat's Day, Holy Thursday and Easter) as well as solutions to the on-going problem of the disappearing periodicals.

At the behest of Ms. Margaret Sheehan (Sodexo) and other employees, we are considering putting up a world map, perhaps in the back of the dining room, with markers or pins indicating where all our missioners are. This interest arose following the earthquake in Chile when some employees wondered if we still had men there or not. (Taiwan quaked late last night, our time, and all seem to be safe, thanks be to God.)

[BTW: this would be an improvement over the method used by MK Magazine and MEP, where just one man in a country is enough to color that entire area as a Maryknoll misssion. Thus, Fr. Joe McCabe single-handedly kept all of Russia in the Maryknoll column for many years, as currently does Fr. Vince Cole in Indonesia. This brings up a story of some years back when I and then Maryknoll photographer Eric Wheater were on our way through Central America. I commented that the smaller Maryknoll got, the more countries we were getting into. He replied, "Yes, it's Maryknoll goal to have nobody everywhere." Vey Zen. But I digress.... ]

We also welcome back Mr. Miguel Ramos (Rose's husband), center housekeeping, also after his convalescence.

It was also good to see Fr. Mike Snyder and his two sisters, Mary and Monica, who visited briefly today. (Their brother John did not accompany them.) Mike is back in the States for the funeral of his Mom, Rose, who passed away last week.

We look forward to welcoming Fr. John Walsh into our midst who is contemplating closing up his mission in the Bronx and moving to Mother Knoll.

This weekend, no less than TWO parishes (St. Christopher's in Buchanen and St. Patrick's in Verplank) will send children and their parents here for a one day retreat on Friday and Sunday respectvely. Each group will have about 150 participants. The theme: "One Body; One Mission". Fr. Dennis Moorman will have an opportunity to do some very remote vocations preparation!

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