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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slow news day?

THANKS to Mr. Gregory Darr, head of our Chicago MEP house, for forwarding this curious entry he found on a paranormal website called Was our seminary in Glen Ellen haunted? You decide:


Maryknoll Seminary

Glen Ellyn,
Il 60137

County: Du Page

Location Description:

Has been knocked down. It was said that this Maryknoll Seminary is haunted by the ghost of a dead monk who hung himself in the bell tower. The monastery is huge, with hundreds of rooms and no electricity turned on as the place is boarded up and the bell tower sealed off. Reports of fresh blood "bleeding" from the exterior of the bell tower and strange noises are not uncommon, and the place is still used as a secret gathering place for various cults and possibly Satanists, as there are satanic markings and words from ancient languages on some walls. Unfortunately, this seminary has been torn down so it can no longer be seen. There are subdivisions and houses going up in that area now.


Can any of you Glen Ellen alums confirm or corroborate these accounts? Was there a suicide in the bell tower? Are Latin, Greek and Cantonese occult languages? [Spoiler alert! The following question is called a "softball pitch". Feel free to hit it out of the park in the comments section.] Can you explain the strange noises emanating from our old seminary?

Bonus question: How can you tell a Satanist from a Maryknoll seminarian? (Oh, I have an answer, available on request via personal email. Prudence prevents my posting it here.)

BTW: Br. John Mullan explicitly requested he not be included in this blog.

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  1. If you had checked BLOG THIS, TWO you'd have known about the Glen Ellyn spook house two days before Mr. Gregory Darr informed you.