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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maryknoll future to be continued...

THE THIRD and ostensibly last conversation on the future of Maryknoll was held last Tuesday, March 17 at 4 p.m. in the Africa Room. Twenty eight men attended---the largest number to date.

Father Bill Frazier and John Kaserow once again facilitated. It must be noted that, while no new ground was broken, it was an animated discussion with varying opinions and points of view expressed.

Fr. Larry Murphy pointed out that he had attended the USCCB meetings for ten years and individual bishops have visited our missions in Latin America for decades, but little came of this.

Fr. Mike Zunno questioned whether a false dichotomy (my words) existed between pastoral and missionary activities.

Fr. George Ratterman said something in Latin to which Bill Frazier vehemently objected, but whether it was to the content or to the language itself is unclear.

Fr. Dennis Morrman, the youngest man present, shared that five men are attending our vocation retreat this Holy Week at Fr. Leo Shea's mission in Jamaica.

But the most excitement was generated by the proposal from Chapter by Fr. Jerry Kelly and Fr. Dave LaBuda for some sort of mission center. Should this be here at the Knoll? Should it be part of MEP? Should it be under the bishops? This latter suggestion was viewed by some as a certain basium mortis (Rattermann ain't the only one who can fling it around in Latin).

The concensus was that the men wanted to continue this discussion (sure beats the hell out of talking about coloscopies, PSA numbers, BMs and March Madness) and that Kelly and LaBuda would be invited to come and talk to us and explain their vision for a mission center.

Meanwhile, out on the Lido deck, the band struck up with "Nearer My God, to Thee."


UPDATE ON GLEN ELLYN GHOST: Fr. Dan Jensen informs me that former Maryknoller Joe Bastien ('63) takes responsibility for starting that whole haunted seminary business and, now thanks to the internet, just like a ghost this story will neither die nor go away.

Maybe for our Centenary we could arrange for an apparition or two by, oh, I don't know, how about St. Ichabod Crane?

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