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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good, good, good, good vibrations?

The Office of Adult Faith Formation of the New York Archdiocese held their annual Lenten reflection day here on Wednesday. About 45 DREs, staff, secretaries, teachers and office people attended, as did our own Fr. Ray Nobiletti and several of his staffers from Transfiguration in Chinatown.

The theme was on the vibrations, good or bad, that we and other people give off that often subconsciously effect the thoughts and feelings of those around us.

I had the opportunity to schmooze with a few of them over lunch. Those who were visiting Maryknoll for the first were particularly impressed with our building. For good or ill they weren't around long enough to report what vibrations they picked up from our men. But given the way visitors tend to bring out the best in us, I'm confident they had a positive experience here.

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