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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

99 Years, 364 days and counting...

Hi again. I tried in vain to get recent pix of the Jubilee weekend uploaded from my most excellent iPhone, but still to no avail. I'll call the Blog IT people later. Until I can get the problem solved, I must do this the old-fashioned way: download the pix from my camera to my laptop and then upload them to this blog. This takes time so on-the-spot blogging must needs wait.

On a sad note: Fr. Ed Szendrey received word yesterday (Monday) that his father was dying. Ed immediately hopped a plane to Texas but, unfortunately, his Dad died before he arrived. This is particularly sad for Ed because his Mom passed away less than three months ago. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Today at noon we have another Centenary Food for Thought similar to the one that opened our festivities last January. That one focused on the Maryknoll Fathers and their early memories. Today, Br. John Blazo will be emcee for a look at the Brothers' history.

One on-going activity that doesn't get any publicity and perhaps that's all for the best: For the past several weeks, various Maryknollers have been taking four-hour shifts round-the clock to sit at the hospital bedside of one of our brethren who took ill suddenly with hemorrhaging on the brain. Although he survived that ordeal, it left him very confused and disoriented. When Maryknollers are present, he seems more relaxed, and so they (even our men in formation) take turns and continue to sit with him. This is as much a tribute to the Maryknoll spirit than anything else we've done during our first 100 years.

And now, here without further ado but with annoying and unnecessary complexity in this age of tenchnology, are the stubbornly missing pictures:

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