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Thursday, June 9, 2011

ELB O'Room

After almost two full weeks of apparently Zen-like silence (or that's what it must have been, given the total lack of buzz around the salad bar), a few bloggable blurbs have emerged from the meeting of the Extended Leadership Board).

The first, reported by US Regional, Father Mike Duggan) is that the Maryknoll Society will hold a meeting of the entire membership in 2013. Given our present attrition rate, such a meeting will fit nicely in the Central America room, or maybe have both members gather around the salad bar. Seriously, this will really be an interesting experiment, and might be just the spark needed to re-ignite our fires for renewal. I
am making a conscious effort to avoid analogies using the words "powder keg."

The Maryknoll Sisters had such a "Meeting of the Whole" more than ten years ago, and they had way more members then
than we do now or will in 2012.

But back to ELB. I have heard both directly and indirectly from multiple men that some are frustrated with the lack of substance, direction or in-put. While many issues were discussed, nothing has yet been decided (let the reader take note). ELB was scheduled to go till
June 14 but finished yesterday, so whatever they did or didn't do, they stopped doing it. Now that's Zen.

In other news: Father Stephen Taluja has (finally) been assigned to the Latin America Region, effective November 1, 2011. We wish Stephen well as he prepares this next chapter of his mission journey.

Rumor has it that the closing liturgy for our Centennial may be June 29, 2012. This will chain-stitch nicely with the Maryknoll Sisters' Centennial which begins this coming January.

Sorry for this paucity of news. I gotta eat more salad.

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