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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Missing pix and links

Of late, several photos and links I have tried posting have not appeared on this blog. A quick view of Blogspot help-desk inquiries shows I am not alone in this vexation. While I search for a solution, here are the items I've tried in vain to post:

A link to a Huffington Post article in the religion section by Mr. Robert Ellsberg, executive director of Orbis books. Robert wrote a wonderful tribute for Father's Day to his own father, Mr. Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame.

A picture of our tower now sporting the 30' red banner announcing our Centenary.

A picture of new rented tents with re-enforced tops and no center poles. Each tent holds 400 people, who will be seated at 40 round tables. Of interest are the four fire extinguishers and four EXIT signs, even though the tents are completely open on all sides.

As I will once again be in Queens at the Korean church on Jubilee weekend, I will see if I can get someone else with an iPhone at the Center to post pix of the festivities tomorrow....provided I can figure out why previous photos have vanished.

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  1. Hello Joe,
    I am sorry to hear about your photo problem on your very interesting blog and especially this week as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary as Maryknolers.
    We have Sunday Evening Prayer at 6 p.m. and we here in Cochabamba, Bolivia will be remembering all of you at Mother Knoll this Jubilee weekend of June 26th.
    Our reflection today will be on a homily on Maryknoll's Foundation given by Fr. John F. McConnell, M.M. at Los Altos, California on June 29th, 1986. Fr. Steve Judd is presenting the reflection.
    Maryknoll is 100 years young and we have a lot to be thankful for this week and always.
    Keep; up the good work on the "Knoll News" and greetings from us your fellow Maryknollers in Cochabamba, Ray Finch, Steve Judd, Gene Toland, John Gorski, Paul Sykofra, Frank Higdon, Ken Moody,our seminarian Dae Kim and Brothers Larry Kenning and my self Frank Dolphin.
    ps we will have around 400 people for our 100th anniversary at Sta. Ana Church next Sunday at 3 p.m. with a reception at the Maryknoll Mission Center and a Maryknoll Family celebration on the 29th at our Society residence.

    Again congratulations to all in our 100th Anniversary celebration at home and over seas.