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Monday, June 6, 2011

Buzzings around the salad bar

During Saturday's ordination, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick referred to newly ordained Maryknoll Father Rodrigo Ulloa-Chavarry as Maryknoll's "Centennial priest" and predicted he does not so much cap the past 100 years as much as he inaugurates Maryknoll's next 100 years.

It has been wonderful these past three weeks to see so many Maryknollers and guests around Mother Knoll. Rodrigo 's parents were in from Virginia. His sister, who serves in the air force like Rodrigo did, flew in from Germany. Another sibling came up from Texas. Aunts, uncles, cousins and friends from as far away as Guatemala and El Salvador helped bring new life to our hallowed hill.

Similarly, the seminarians and Brother candidates from Chicago, here since the Regional Assembly, will begin scattering this week for the summer. Some will take vacation, others will go on OTP to Bolivia or visit missions overseas in Africa and Asia. Until then, the average age of residents here is markedly lower. Evening Monopoly will then give way to evening monotony once again. Thanks to Seminarian Peter LaTouf for uploading to this blog that great picture of Rodrigo prostrating before the altar.

The Extended Leadership Board (ELB) has also been meeting with the general council over serious matters facing the Society, but for some mysterious reason they aren't quite so chatty when I walk by. (They're learning!)

During the Assembly we learned that Maryknoll Sister Elizabeth Roach and a number of other Sisters across the street have formed a special prayer group to ask the intercession of Father Price for a return to health of our Vicar General, Father José Arámburu. For his part, José expressed appreciation for all the prayers, love and signs of support he has been receiving.

Lastly, a tale of divine providence: While at JFK airport to pick up guests, Father Doctor Pete LeJacq happened upon a group of police trying to detain an African woman who was acting erratically. Apparently they thought her actions indicated illegal drug use. Peter intervened and said they'd do better to call an ambulance as her behavior was consistent with someone suffering appendicitis. He was correct and this may have saved the woman's life. Sadly, Peter says this kind of incident (Can we call it profiling?) is more common than we know.

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