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Friday, June 24, 2011

A gathering of (gray and balding) eagles

Reports I've heard from some who attended the Mission Institute confirmed my contention that many of us Maryknollers are still stubbornly stuck in the 1970s and 1980s. This has a direct bearing on our vocation recruitment efforts, as it may blind us to where the Church in the States and its young people actually are, as opposed to where we think they ought to be. Yet again we seem to show more flexibility and acceptance of other religions than we do of variations in Roman Catholicism.

Things are happening fast and furious as Jubilee Weekend and our 100th anniversary approaches. Jubilarians have gathered the past few days, necessitating a move for the daily Mass from the Lady chapel to the Queen of Apostles chapel.

Our grounds crew and physical plant are doing great work to spruce up this place and set up flooring, round tables and chairs to accommodate 800+ expected Sunday and 350 on Wednesday.

New, reinforced-roof tents went up. These have weathered the torrential rains we've been having. The weather for Sunday promises to be sunny but if the ground hasn't drained off completely by then, Plan B is to give our guests a real mission experience of planting rice in the quadrangle.

The flags of all the countries where Maryknoll has ever worked will grace our upper quadrangle. The physical plant has creatively hit upon a way to display the flags without permanently affixing flag holders to the pillars: removable clamps.

Many thanks to Br. Kevin Dargan, Fr. Tom McDonnell, Fr. Joe LaMar and moi for selecting vintage photos from our archives for display in the dining room. Ms. Roberta Savage of our art department printed these and Kevin, assisted by Brother candidate Glen D'Angelo and Seminarian Jonathan Hill framed them nicely.

A huge, red Centenary banner to be draped from our tower throughout the coming year has to await the grommets (I never heard of them, either) to connect it by way of a cherry-picker to the supporting cables. Given the thunderstorms we've been having, such a delay is prudent.

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