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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catholic Press Awards 2011

Thanks to MARYKNOLL magazine editor Mr. Lynn Monahan for posting the following awards garnered by our various publications at last weekend's Catholic Media Convention in Pittsburgh.

On yet another sad note, our prayers and condolences to Mr. David Aquije, editor of Revista Maryknoll, on the loss of his beloved mother.


Maryknoll publications won 25 awards in the annual Catholic Press Association awards competition, including 13 first-place awards. The awards were announced at the CPA annual convention in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Maryknoll magazine won first place for the coveted General Excellence award in its category of Mission Magazines, both overseas and domestic. The judges said: "Simply the best in art, writing, editing, and variety of stories. The platinum standard in use of photos in a small format magazine."

The Spanish-language Revista Maryknoll won first place for Best Cover in the small format in the all magazines category for its September 2010 cover, followed by Maryknoll magazine, which won second place for its April 2010 cover. The judges said of Revista Maryknoll's cover, which featured a girl in Africa lugging a mud brick, "The image is striking. The color and use of type simple yet compelling. ...The reader is left wanting to know what is the story about. Just what a cover needs to draw readers in."

Maryknoll Father Joseph R. Veneroso won both 1st and 2nd place awards for Best Original Poetry in the all membership classes. The judges called his 1st place poem, "Prayer For Protection From Daisies, "Powerful and profound thoughts on human diversity, and a lovely layout to enhance the message." His second-place winner was for "God Knows." Both poems appeared in Maryknoll magazine as Father Veneroso's regularly published photo meditations.

Orbis Books won 12 awards, including six first-place awards. Maryknoll's book publishing arm won first place awards in the categories for theology, scripture, education, history, social concerns and catalog. [Also, in reporting on the awards yesterday, I missed one of them—a first-place award for Orbis Books in the Pastoral Ministry category. I'm repeating what I wrote to reflect that change.] Of Orbis' Fall 2010 Catalog, the judges said, "The cover immediately arrests the attention enticing the reader into the catalog. ... A run-away winner."

Maryknoll Fathers Robert Jalbert and Gerald Kelly and Maryknoll Brother John Blazo shared the first-place award for Best Regular Column, Spiritual Life for the Partners in Mission column that runs regularly in Maryknoll magazine, and Maryknoll Father John C. Sivalon won the first-place award for Best Column, Spiritual in the Spanish Awards for his column on wisdom.

The CPA will post the full list of winners with judges commentaries on its web site,, on Tuesday afternoon.

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