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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walsh Building Update

Mr. Dave Kane, MLM, was in town for leadership meetings of the Maryknoll Lay Missioners. While here he was given a tour of remodeling efforts of the Walsh building, the future headquarters of the Maryknoll Lay Missioners, NSha'Allah. As alluded to by Father Ed Dougherty during his State of the Society address to the U.S. Regional Assembly, the renovations have hit some bumps along the road.

While it was for many years used as offices for Maryknoll and Revista magazines, Orbis Books, Media Relations, Voices of Our World Radio and the photo library, that was then and this is now. The third floor, which had been a meeting room, radio studio and chapel is now off limits due to having just one staircase. Similarly, the second floor over the boiler room that once housed Orbis books is unusable for also having just one egress. I don't. Know why they can't grandfather us in. Lord knows we have enough guys here to qualify.

Meanwhile, no news as to what the Society plans to do with Bethany, the old MLM headquarters and even older Maryknoll Sisters Nursing Home.

On a sad note, David Kane, who works at the Maryknoll Justice and Peace Office in Washington, DC, reports that Ms. Marie Dennis, who headed our office for many years with skill, patience, perseverance, long-suffering and diplomacy (not to mention an extra portion of Christianity) has decided to call it quits at the end of this year. While no reason was given (at least by David), I can appreciate the difficulties and stress that come with a job that requires you to speak out on certain issues and keep silent on others.

When I was editor of the magazines and my smiley face in Roman collar appeared on the editorial page every month, I found it depressing (literally) to have people assume I supported or defended or even agreed with some contemporary Church positions that I in good conscience (there's that word again!) did not. Let the reader take note.

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