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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ambo 2.1

The residents gathered for the monthly house meeting focussing entirely on the proposal by the liturgy committee to take the ambo out of storage and reconfigure the main chapel to accommodate it in accordance with liturgical guidelines.

Translation: we already paid big bucks for this ambo 10 years ago and, in deference to sound stewardship, shouldn't we at least try to use it and see how it goes?

Background: ten years ago, the liturgy committee, center coordinator (Fr. Mike Duggan) with the permission of then superior general Fr. Ray Finch commissioned a new processional cross, presider's chair, credence table and ambo by the Icarus Studios in Latham, N.Y. The design was to complement the architectural style of our main chapel. Two things threw a monkey wrench into the augmentation of these innovations. The ambo, which was to raise the dignity of the Liturgy of the Word, alas also raised the blood pressures of many residents when they saw how large it was. Placed next to the altar, it rivaled if not dwarfed it. Then it was learned that the total cost "rivaled the down payment on a house in Upstate, N.Y." and the proverbial fit hit the shan. Within two weeks the ambo was removed, dismantled and put into storage.

The proposal is to reconfigure the chapel like the Lady Chapel, but with the ambo farther down the main aisle, facing the altar, much like the set-up during the Triduum.

I shall blog the discussion next.

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