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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stepping boldly into the 19th Century

Several glass-encased (for transparency?), locked bulletin boards have been installed around the campus, with month-by-month calendar postings of centenary activities for 2011. New hand-written announcements appear from time to time as plans or dates are finalized. Several questions arise:

Who requested these bulletin boards? I presume they are the brainchild of the temporarily headless Centenary Committee.

Who keeps the key?

Who is responsible for keeping the info current?

Now for the main question: are we Maryknollers ever going to have access to a campus-wide computer calendar program so we can see at a glance which groups have which dates and which rooms for which meetings? This would certainly make planning easier. Events and groups could be color-coded and only those responsible for a given category could input, but all could see what's coming up. There is such a calendar used by the Center Coordinator but, as yet, no one but the office staff can see it, let alone input information.

But rest assured, I.T. is looking into it. (DHYB)

But speaking of Centenary activities, while the Mass on St. Michael's Day (Sept. 29) celebrating the Maryknoll Brothers marked the unofficial start of festivities here at the Center marking our 100th year here, pride of place goes to St. Mary parish in Wilmington, North Carolina. The pastor and former Maryknoller, Monsignor Robert J. Kus, held an event last September 11, 2010, attended by Fr.Dave LaBuda, marking the 100th anniversary of the close of the Eucharistic Congress in Montreal, where Fathers Walsh and Price first conceived the idea for a U.S.-based mission seminary. Coincidentally, the idea was to come to birth nine months and two weeks later.

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