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Saturday, October 16, 2010

World Mission Sunday 2010

Contrary to what the official Maryknoll pocket calendar says, World Mission Sunday is NOT tomorrow, October 17 but rather the following Sunday, October 24. But hey, that's an understandable mistake. Why should Maryknoll know when World Mission Sunday is anyway?

Of course I could be wrong. What would the Society for the Propogation of the Faith know about World Mission Sunday anyway?

Hey, but don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself:

Believing the Maryknoll 2010 Calendar, incoming vocations head Fr. Jim Madden and outgoing vocations head Fr. Dennis Moorman flew out to Indiana yesterday (despite a terrible windstorm that continues today) to tag-team on what they thought was World Mission Sunday. Of course, we can always explain away our chronological faux pas by saying that for Maryknoll, EVERY Sunday is Mission Sunday!

Meanwhile, unofficial word (read: believable rumor) has it that Fr. Leo Shea is temporarily singing "Jamaica, Farewell!" because he has generously accepted the Super G's offer to take the reigns of the Centenary Steering Committee---but not till January. Fr. Bob Jalbert has also graciously agreed to hang in there till December.

Those unsettling noises you hear are the members of the SubCommittee for Planning the Opening/FoundationDay/Closing Liturgies at Maryknoll, NY, stifling their gasps, shrieks, moans and other expressions of panic as they realize there are only three months left till the Opening Mass and the heads of the eleven (count 'em --11!) committees have yet to meet together so the fingers on the right hand know what the thumb on the right hand is doing.

Thus plans tentatively unfold for the Opening Mass for Tuesday, January 25, 2011 (The Conversion of St. Paul) least we THINK it's on Tuesday. Where's my Maryknoll 2011 calendar?

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