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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Final Homecoming

The ashes of Fr. Jack Corcoran, brought back from Nepal by Asia Regional Superior Fr. Alfonso Kim pictured here, were committed to the earth in our cemetery following a funeral Mass celebrated by U.S. Regional Fr. Mike Duggan.

As per Maryknoll custom, the flags of the countries where the deceased served were displayed in the chapel. In Jack's case: USA, South Korea and Nepal.

Almost 200 people attended this final farewell, including former classmates and Koreans from local areas. At the graveside service, after "Salve Regina"
several Korean grandmothers spontaneously broke out singing "Arirang" the quintessential Korean folksong. Maryknollers who worked on the ROK joined in.

Jack's ashes (personally I don't care for the portmanteau "cremains"...but then again I don't much care for the word "portmanteau") were divided between Nepal and here. Some defender of all things canonical kvetched that this was in violation of canon law. To this man I posed the counter-question: what does canon law say about dividing the body of Mother Cabrini between New York and Italy?

After harrumphs the discussion returned to normal fare: colonoscopies, the Yankees and the weather.

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