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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Commendation from ICCR

Fr. Joe LaMar was among six others in the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility who received special recognition from the 280+ member ICCR for their efforts to bring accountability and transparency among financial institutions involved in the current derivatives debacle. Congrats Joe, for a job well done, which also gives a positive public face to the role of religion in modern American society.

Speaking of which, at dinner tonight someone noted how little the General Council is seen around here these days, to which another Maryknoller, noted for his rapier wit and quick repartee, replied: "They're so transparent their invisible."

Fr. Roy Bourgeois was among the members in attendance at the retreat. I so wanted to see him and Bishop McNaughton at the same table to be able to report on if or how they got along. But such a scene did not transpire.

Roy did say the annual student march to close WHINSEC will again take place next month down in Fort Bennington, Georgia, despite loss of financial support for SOA Watch and the withdrawing of the Jesuits, ostensibly to concentrate efforts in the Washington, D.C. area. The Jebbies are at least more up front by acknowledging pressure from those in high places.

Last day of retreat by the numbers:

At the final afternoon session: 50

At the Holy Hour: 40

At the Happy Hour: 38

At Evening Prayer: five (Two Maryknollers, Fr. Tim Graff, and two guests of Fr. Dan Jensen.)
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