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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Speaking of faith

My insight into this final day of retreat given by Fr. Jim Noonan is that it's not so much the what but the who. Ironically, Maryknollers seldom share (we hate that word, which could explain why there are no break-out sessions on this retreat) what they believe with fellow missioners. So what Jim said, (the need for prayer, love, compassion, justice etc. etc.) wasn't exactly a news flash. But it is edifying to hear a fellow Maryknoll speak about the importance of faith in his life.

Btw, Fr. Emile Dumas reports that many men in St. Teresa's residence are following the talks live via Channel 15, but they did request that the notoriously soft-spoken Jim Noonan SPEAK UP. This could explain Jim's suddenly lively and passionate portrayal of YHWH calling out for justice through the prophets. That certainly woke guys up here. No word yet on how this effected the guys at St. T's.

Jim's sharing of his ministry among HIV/AIDS people in Thailand were the most interesting parts of his talk IMHO because they were personal and lived experiences. This underscores what the Magazines and promoters have known for, like, forever: our stories are our most powerful resource for getting out the Maryknoll message..  

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