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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

International Day of Deliverance

(You see it here first!)

Wouldn't it be great if the United Nations declared October 13 the International Day of Deliverance in honor of today's on-going miracle in Chile?

What a refreshing change to have more than a billion people around the world watching something other than terrorist attacks, oil spills and vuvuzela concerts.

More than 200 countries sent news teams, including Yemen and North Korea.

Each October 13 the world can recommit to the spirit of this day and dedicate itself anew to working with anyone anywhere to free those trapped, in captivity or held hostage whether on or under the earth or sea, or within the darkened recesses of their minds and hearts.

Meanwhile, God bless Chile today. God bless their miners and all who risk their lives at work everyday.

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