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Friday, November 13, 2009

Come, giving thanks

SEVENTY-FIVE KOREAN students and teachers will come to Maryknoll this weekend for a weekend retreat on the theme of Giving Thanks. All are parishioners of St. Paul Cheong Ha-Sang parish in Flushing, Queens, and are either enrolled in the religious education program or are Sunday school teachers and their assistants.

Three talks will be given each day by the teachers themselves on areas in their lives where they learned to give thanks despite adverse circumstances. These will lead up to a talk on Sunday by Yours Truly on how we are a Eucharistic church because we give thanks even when we are persecuted, depressed, unhappy or bored. (Just about covers today's teenagers, no?)

Korean students in the past who came here love our mission spirit, meeting some of our men, our way kewl architecture, and above all, our ice cream.

Residents have already begun evacuating for the weekend, lest more than worlds collide. And for this I too give thanks.

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