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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kaiden Michael Mack, R.I.P.

FR. ED SZENDREY AND I just returned from what, for me at least, was one of the most difficult moments of my priesthood—if not my life. Three-month-old Kaiden Michael Mack, grandson of long-time Maryknoll employee Mr. Don Baisley from M.E.P. (Procurement), died suddenly and unexpectedly Monday of SIDS. He was waked this evening at the Nardone Funeral Home in Peekskill.

It was hard enough to view the doll-like baby wrapped in his jammies and lying in a small, white coffin with a Teddy bear. A memorial board held photos of his all-too-brief life. It seemed so incongruous. But then the mother breaking down and the father having to leave, saying "I can't do this anymore," well, that brought everyone in the room to silent tears.

Of course there are no words to say, no prayers adequate for such a situation. In cases like this all we or anyone can do is sit in silent witness and solidarity before this terrible mystery.

Maryknoll employees were gratefully represented by Mr. Bob Ambrose (M.E.P.), Ms. Adriane Glass & Ms. Jody Turner (H.R.), Ms. Denise Pierce, Mr. Marty McLoughlin & Mr. Robert Perez (I.T.), Ms. Maureen Toohey (Library); Mr. Joe Corvino (Mail/Print Services), Mr. Paul Lonce (Warehouse), Ms. Kim Nelson (Medical Secretary), Mr. Larry Rich (New Media), Mr. David Agosta (Support Services) and Mr. Dick McGee (Gift Planning). Even former employee Ms. Fran Saltarelli (Typsetting) came. There were probably other employees there as well whom I did not get to see or greet, but I could tell that Don and his family were very appreciative of so many friends and colleagues from Maryknoll coming to express condolences.

Please keep Don & his family in your prayers in the coming days.

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