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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Under the weather

SORRY for the two-day hiatus, folks, but I started feeling odd last Friday, began sneezing on Saturday, fought off a sore throat Sunday and by Monday I had developed the Mother of All Colds. Today I got deep coughing fits to rival Mimi in La Boheme.

I took the precaution of waddling over to Health Services to confirm this was indeed a cold and not the much dreaded H1N1. (I have no chills, or aches and only slightly elevated temperature.)

So I have been laying low these past couple of days and therefore have no access to the scuttlebutt or MK grapevine.

I go to the dining room at the very end of mealtime when few guys are around and use a napkin to take silverware and handle serving spoons. I either push the elevator button with my elbow or ask some very wary soul to push it for me.

N'Sha'Allah I will be up and about on Wednesday and can bring you all up to speed on the goings on at Mother Knoll.

Till then, stay healthy!

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