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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving predux

WE GATHER TOGETHER to goose the cook's pumpkin—or something like that—as we hold our pre-Thanksgiving dinner this evening. Considering we have roast turkey with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie at least twice a month throughout the year, one might be inspired to ask, as in the Passover Seder, "Why is this night different from other nights?"

Well, for one, tonight's meal will be preceded by a special Mass at 4:15 in the main chapel and an Hour of Happiness in the dining room. Carafes of red and white wine (IMO only good for salad) will be available and chances are for dessert we will also have morsels of that most traditional of Thanksgiving foods: cannoli.

This premature pig-out allows for a meal of thanks before Thursday when many guys, your faithful blogger included, head over the river and through the woods. Alas, my sister is now the grandmother in the family.

For those who remain here at the Knoll on Thanksgiving Day, yet another Thanksgiving meal will be available at noon, unless you are among the chosen few invited to the annual feast at the 39th Street House.

That being said, wherever we are, we have much for which to give thanks. And since Thanksgiving is the translation of the word "Eucharist", we should foster an attitude of gratitude 365 days a year. (Just don't serve us roast turkey every day!)

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