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Saturday, November 21, 2009


THIRTY-EIGHT young folks from Chinatown's Transfiguration parish are on retreat today and tomorrow here at Mother Knoll. They will be chaperoned by two adults and their pastor, Fr. Ray Nobiletti, M.M.

Mr. Anthony Ma organized the retreat. An ever-elusive vocation prospect, Anthony was a winner of this year's Explore My Mission contest for his video on community service. The prize was a 10-day visit to our mission in Brazil, where, if he was bitten by the mission bug, he has yet to show symptoms. But I digress...

Today's retreat comes on the heals of both the larger Korean retreat last weekend and also of the grumblings of some Maryknollers about not getting through the food line quicker. In its favor, the Trans group is smaller although they do have a smaller student/chaperone ratio than the Korean group. (1 to 20 vs. 1 to 5!) Of course, absent any drama, they won't have the opportunity to go around to the tables of Maryknollers in the dining room and introduce themselves to the missioners, even if it's to say, "Sorry we woke you up in the middle of the night (or afternoon, as the case may be.)"

Still, it is mine and others MKers contention that, inconvenience aside, these groups bring energy, vitality and life to our home. They fulfill our vocation. If we can no longer go to the missions, we can still bring the missions to us.

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  1. thanks fr. wasnt all me. There was 6 other leaders that helped organized this wonderful event this past weekend.
    Christina Cheung
    Jubin Kwon
    Jason Wan
    Randy Eng
    Regina Hardatt
    Fr Ray M.M.