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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seminary shift

ACCORDING TO A RELIABLE SOURCE, Archbishop Dolan, Bishop Dimarzio of
Brooklyn and Bishop Murphy of Rockville Centre are near agreement on combining their three seminaries.

Dunwoodie would close, but still under discussion is whether to move Douglaston or Hungtington.

Dunwoodie has suffered from declining enrollment and my source says Rome has been none too pleased by their "more Roman than thou" (my words) atmosphere. [OK, to be fair, apparently the quality of theology offered at DW left something to be desired. Like quality theology.] Plus as bishop in Milwaukee Dolan showed he is not averse to closing seminaries.

All of which re-raises the question: whatever became of the evaluation of our program at CTU? Are we getting our "money's worth"? What happened to all those assessments done of CTU by our seminarians over the years?

Former rector Fr. Larry Lewis informally suggested if we wanted our candidates closer to home, Hungtington would be a better choice than either Dunwoodie or Douglaston.

The question remains: is CTU the best venue to prepare our men for both ministry and mission? Might not our mission charism become clearer if our guys studied alongside diocesan seminarians?

Douglaston, Dunwoodie and Huntington all have their share of foreign candidates actively recruited overseas by their bishops. But that is grist for another mill.

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