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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mini election

VOTING has already begun at Maryknoll's polling place in this off-off year election. Of local interest is Rob Astorino (R) running for Westchester County Executive against incumbant Andy Spano (D).

How will the voters at Maryknoll (roughly 600 registered!) vote, given conflicting currents? They over-whelmingly voted for Obama last year (103 to 21) and are heavily Democratic, but Astorino is the nephew of our own Fr. Bob Astorino (Hong Kong). In addition, he and Spano effectively dilute the Italian voting block. (My father always advised me to vote for the candidate with a vowel at the end of his/her name.)

If I could only figure out what part of Italy Spano's ancestors came from, my right hand won't whither when I vote for Republican Astorino.

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