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Friday, November 20, 2009

Guests: threat or menace?

AN ON-GOING CONVERSATION began during last week's monthly house meeting concerning how and if we are to continue welcoming guests here at the Center. Some men expressed feeling like strangers in their own home, with large numbers of outsiders who use our facilities.

The problem arises not so much from retreats or religious workshops (although even these tend to dawdle in the food line and chat, thus delaying undernourished Maryknollers from getting their life-saving sustenance in a timely manner), but rather from large secular groups who simply need a facility in which to meet and eat. Last week's 250+ gathering of UPS and postal workers was a case in point.

In addition, some guys feel uneasy when visitors come to our happy hour unaccompanied by a host Maryknoller. One solution may be to relocate in the Sheridan room as was done in days of old. An interim solution is to make sure Maryknollers accompany their guests, lest they get happy for an hour all by themselves.

Last week Sodexo moved the ice cream freezer inside the food area to accommodate board of health regulations. Now a steady stream of water cleans the scoop. On the downside, younger guests are wont to cause a log jam at the freezer thus blocking undernourished Maryknollers etc. etc.

A suggested solution (already in effect, for the most part) is to have outside retreatants come a half hour later to meals, thus giving semi-retired Maryknollers time to feed their faces and rush off to their next urgent appointment.

One man suggested the Walsh building be refurbished to accommodate outside groups. Hmmm.. Since that will take upwards of 3 million and will only provide 20 rooms, I have a better idea: put all the disgruntled sociopaths there and let the Center be used for the living.

Choir practice precluded my attending last week's meeting. The conversation will continue on January 20, 2010 when I hope to coat my barbs with honey.

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  1. Really, Joe! UPS and Postal workers!! I think the Maryknollers, undernourished or not, have a point!!