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Monday, November 23, 2009

Some news at lunch today

FR. BILL COY, fresh back from the SOA march at Fort Benning, GA, reports a smaller crowd than in previous years. Only four people "crossed the line" and got arrested. In addition, Fr. Roy Bourgeiose was away for the first time since the annual march began in 1990 to be at the bedside of his dying father. Please pray for them.

Fr. Ed Szendrey reports a mystery leak in the main sacristy on the first floor, which had apparently dripped down through Health Services on the second floor making quite a mess, which in turn came from someplace on the third floor C-Wing, perhaps Fr. Tom Mc Donnell's room. Tom has been away since his remedial surgery and then the sudden death of his brother Martin who died while driving up to see Tom. Please pray for them.

Fr. Mike Duggan, newly elected U.S. regional superior, will be the main celebrant and homilist at our Thanksgiving liturgy this afternoon. Ed will be cantor in Mike's place. Please pray for them.

What with the new (?) changes in the English Mass due in 2010, renowned liturgical composer Michael Joncas (of "On Eagle's Wings" fame) may have to make adjustments to the Gloria of the Mass he has composed for Maryknoll's 100th anniversary. Ms. Lucille Naughton, once and future choir director and our main contact with Joncas, is having a few Maryknollers over to her house this week to listen to the new Mass.

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