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Friday, October 9, 2009

Deconstruction begins!

AT LONG LAST work has begun on installing the bocce ball court and curling lanes in what used to be our Quad lawn. Seriously folks, this is in fact the emergency access lanes the fire department convinced us were needed against—God forbid—some future necessity. All other sides of the building are accessible by firetrucks, but this south side (Quad) becomes a very swampy marsh after heavy rains.

The FD recommendation came following a real fire last year when a resident forgot about a pot on the burner in the fourth floor rec room and smoke billowed out of the library roof. Scarey.

Will the newly constructed then buried access road really be porous enough to drain under the re-seeded lawn? If not, will future generations (?) of Maryknollers look out at the rice paddy and say, "I remember when this was a seminary!"?

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