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Friday, October 23, 2009

Today is deadline to vote for U.S. Regional!

TODAY IS THE LAST CHANCE for members of the U.S. region to cast your vote for U.S. regional in this torturous and seemingly endless election process. If it is conducted like ballots past, the scrutators will count them tomorrow and the results "embargoed" until Monday. Why the delay? Far be it from me to speculate (yeah, right) but let's just remind ourselves that the vote is consultative and not deliberative. 'Nuff said.

But since it is the express purpose of this blog to report on the buzz around the salad bar or in the dining room, here are some nuggets:

• If Fr. Mike Duggan wins, how long before we can expect the Second Coming of the Ambo?

• If Fr. Bob Jalbert wins, what will become of the ambitious plans of our Centenary Committee?

• Will the Council immediately name Br. Wayne as First Assistant?

• Will the membership look outside our region for Second and Third Assistants?

As soon as the results are announced, I will post them here.

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