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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roy, the renegade

FR. ROY BOURGEOISE is attending the annual retreat here, which re-raises the question, "Is he or isn't he?" Excommunicated, that is.

A recent article from a Georgia newspaper is posted on a bulletin board on the ground floor. In it, Roy expresses confusion and some optimism in that he never received a response to his letter to Rome nor a formal declaration of excommunication. So he claims not to know whether he as been excommunicated.

This is wishful thinking on Roy's part, according to Super G Ed Dougherty, whom the article describes as a close, personal friend of our rogue Maryknoller. Doc says the initial letter was quite clear and unambiguous: recant or be automatically excommunicated in 30 days. So in the mind of the superior general and therefore of both the Society and Rome, Roy is excommunicated.

The article also reveals some frustration in that, according to Doc, Roy asks us to respect his position yet he does not respect ours, that is, the official position of the Church. Fr. Dougherty was explicitly questioned about Roy's status at the promoters' assembly last week as many pastors and benefactors are concerned.

The excommunication was imposed following Roy's active participation in an attempted ordination of a woman as a Catholic priest last year and his continued advocacy of women's ordination. Roy did not present himself for communion at the daily Mass today.

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