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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


MR. PHILIP MUSEGASS was delayed in speaking to our members today to mark the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the Hudson river.

While waiting for the speaker, Maryknollers shared their thoughts on the future of water. Fr. Dennis Moorman had heard one reason for the war in Iraq was to gain controll over the largest water supply in the Middle East. Ms. Terry Mierswa, whose office of assisted living organized today's talk, readin the WSJ that water would be traded as a commodity in future.

Fr. Dick Quinn reported that Kenya and Tanzania are both undergoing terrible drought and, as usual, the wildlife is the firstto suffer and die. Br. Marty Shea reported that rain water had been plentiful in Guatemala but climate change seems to have takeneffect. Fr. Bill Coy reported that in Bolivia water projects cost big bucks Fr. Fred Haggerty feared that in Chile the poor will be denied access to water. In all likelihood, future wars will be fought over water.

In early December there will also be a gathering of religious communities whose properties flank the Hudson valley from Nyack to Albany. All this is in keeping with Maryknoll's and other religious communities renewed emphasis in ecology.

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