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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Picture Perfect?

IF A PICTURE'S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS the halls of Maryknoll have become extremely garrulous indeed. Oh, it started out innocently enough and even seemed like a good idea at the time: a pictorial display of photo portraits of Maryknollers and staff on the wall on the basement next to the mailroom. Soon, however, the project expanded and it spread around the corner. Then pictures appeared outside the library. But it was outside the Health Services Office in 2C wing that Fr. John King's avocation truly reached epic proportions.

His goal is simple enough: take and post an 18 x 24 glossy of every Maryknoller who lives in, visits or passes through the Center. To be sure all pix are posed but some are quite memorable and clever, such as Fr. Alfonso Kim reading a magazine with "Sex, Lies and Videotape" on the cover. Yours Truly feeding Hopi is truly charming. Our Friend from L.A., not so much. Still, it's a great way to relearn the names and faces of fellow Maryknollers while awaiting a prostate exam.

John is doing all this out of the goodness of his heart and largesse of his P.A. as he buys all the photo supplies and paper himself. His camera seems permanently attached like an extra appendage as he prowls the hallways and dining room, looking for new subjects to capture. And the display is kept up-to-date. When Fr. Houle left our ranks earlier this year, his picture was unceremoniously removed, along with much of the underlying wall paint.

In addition, Jack occasionally graces the walls with photos from his world-wide travels including stunning pictures of his trip to Ephesus. Lately, carpenter Brian Daniels and other members of Physical Plant have erected a barn to house equipment for the Pachamama Farm. It's all been chronicled by Father King and is now on display in King's Corner outside Joe La Mar's basement office. If you know of a bare patch of wall (such as in the picture above!) that needs covering, give Jack a buzz.

Michelangelo's got nothing on Jack.

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  1. "Yours Truly feeding Hopi is truly charming." I sense a hint - just a hint - of bias in this remark... well, you did warn your readers in your first post.