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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pre-emptive Centenary Report

FR. BOB JALBERT was kind enough to pass out to us in advance a three-page outline of the report he is scheduled to give this afternoon at the Monthly House Meeting concerning the Centenary Committee which has yet to meet. And if that isn't enough to run-on your sentences, misplace your modifiers and dangle your participles, I have before me even as I blog a copy of said report and shall attempt, in my own biased way, to separate the wheat from the chaff. (Which one I am giving to you is for you to decide.)

Thus far, the Committee has agreed to hold the Annual Foundation Day Weekend (June 24~26, 2011) at the Center; the second Maryknoll Youth Day in the spring of 2011, and a Benefactors' Appreciation Day in the fall of 2011. Call me a skeptic, but weren't these already planned a long time ago, like, before the Committee was formed?

Also under consideration is an event in 2011 celebrating the Hispanic church, a symposium on mission, and a major Sunday Liturgy at St. Patrick's followed by a catered luncheon (guests, I presume TBA).

Promoting our Jubilee Year is nothing less than a proposed letter from none other than His Holiness Benedict XVI due out early in 2010 as well as a proclamation from the USCCB. I shall file both these in my "Don't Hold Your Breath" drawer. "Early 2010" after all, starts in less than two months.

"Quality not quantity" of events is the goal and there have been several meetings with the Congregation and Lay Missioners for joint celebrations that span both our Centenary Years (2011~2013). Those years also include the 35th anniversary of the MLMs, the 20th anniversary of the Affiliates.

Many committees, subcommittees and groups are planned, in keeping with Maryknoll's true charism: More Meetings.

The Core Planning Committee consists of: Fr. Jalbert as Chair; Fr. Jack Sullivan (Retirement Community); Mr. Greg Darr (MEP Midwest); Ms. Diane Bernadini (MEP/Marketing); Ms. Bernadette Price (MEP Orbis); Fr. Steve Judd (Latin America); Fr. Jim Kroeger (Asia); Fr. Ken Thesing (Africa); Br. John Beeching (MK Brothers) and Fr. Joyalito Tajonera (Overseas at-large member)

There is much more in the outline but you could not bear it now. Trust me. I know I can't.

God in His Goodness has also seen fit to schedule choir practice from every Wednesday from 4:15 ~ 5:00, conflicting nicely with the house meeting. As liaison with the all-important Food Committee, I have already cleared it with Fr. Lukaschek to speak first, leaving my brethren to sit through other reports whilst I sing tenor parts to various Christmas carols.

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