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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend round-Up

ONCE AGAIN the slow pace of activities at Mother Knoll each weekend affords me an opportunity to report a lot of odds and ends that are informational in themselves but way too boring to merit an independent post of their own, even for one with a creative albeit twisted imagination as YHB. (Your Humble[?] Blogger)

• The current crop of nine exciting lay mission candidates is having a one-day retreat at the Center even as we speak. Since I last posted about the MLMs they made the decision to withdraw from East Timor due to budgetary considerations, so those candidates who thought that was their assignment are looking to go elsewhere.

• Br. John Blazo will give a tour and talk (and talk and talk) to local Affiliates before subjecting them to a film in our very own custom-designed and award-winning movie theater located inside the Visitors Center. If you have ever sat on the chairs inside said theater you may have recognized them as being rejected at Guantanamo for violating the Geneva agreement on cruel and unusual torture.

• Gas prices at the Maryknoll pump are stuck at $2.80 a gallon, fully 10~15 cents higher than at local stations. El problema es que we can't get lower prices until we use up the shipment we have and we can't use up the shipment right away because I and almost everyone else fill'er up elsewhere. So we must needs wait till the house cars and loaners and medical vans use up the gas till prices come down.

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