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Friday, October 23, 2009

MK Sisters' International Bazaar

SATURDAY, OCT. 24th marks the highlight of the autumn season with the Maryknoll Sisters' International Bazaar. This annual event attracts a huge crowd of people from around the tri-state area seeking to get a jump on their Christmas shopping with exotic and beautiful artifacts and handicrafts from around the Maryknoll world. The Sisters prepare for this all year round but activities reach a fever pitch as the date approaches.

The Bazaar is set up in the Rogers' Building with different rooms dedicated to the various areas where the Sisters work. Expect to see wonderful handmade goods and clothing from Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Islands, not to mention the United States which is also mission territory for them. In addition there are home-baked pies, cakes and cookies as well as snacks and refreshments for sale to fortify weary shoppers for Round Two of "retail therapy."

A raffle and silent auction are also part of the Bazaar. Get there early because many choice objects go quickly. The Sisters had discontinued the Bazaar several years ago when the amount of preparation and work seemed too much to deal with. But the outpouring of support and interest from the public convinced them to bring back the Bazaar after several years' hiatus.


  1. Sir, I believe the word you're looking for is "bazaar." Unless the misspelling is intentional. Which is something you would do.

    Bizarre or bazaar - I WANNA GO! Sigh... why must Maryknoll be so far away.

  2. Hey Carrie! Good catch! I could say that I intentionally used the amusing homophone which would raise eyebrows (much like the word "homophone") but, truth be told, I was in a hurry to post and went with my initial guess---which turned out to be wrong. The nice thing about blogs is you can correct them and erase the mistake forever.

    Too bad you can't get up to Maryknoll for the Sisters' Bazaar. Why not call another teacher or two and drive up?