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Friday, October 2, 2009

Revenge of the Pachamama, Part 2

BOTH OVERLORDS of the Pachamama Farm, just north of St. Teresa's, have been knocked offline, as it were, this week for serious, but God willing, not life-threatening conditions. We wish speedy recoveries to Fr. Fern Goselin and Fr. John Hudert. Thus, at the height of the harvest, the volunteer gardeners, mostly Maryknoll Affiliates and some neighbors, must fend for themselves.

The September 25 issue of NCR ran a wonderful spread on the farm, which has for many years been a source of fresh, home-grown produce for local food pantries. Maryknollers being Maryknollers, that particular issue of NCR disappeared from the periodicals room within minutes.

It has not been a good year for gardening in the east, as above average rainfall at at the wrong time decimated the tomato crop and spread fungi (not the edible kind) among surviving plants. We will have zucchini and squash, however, up the old Wazoo (which is a popular though largely unexplored river in Australia.)

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