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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Round-Up, Part 2

AS WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH on our side of the road for the the results of the final (God willing) ballot for U.S. regional superior, the Sisters' Bazaar (Thanks to Carrie Seo, my only loyal reader who caught and pointed out my malapropism in the previous post) is off to a roaring start despite inclement weather.

Br. Wayne Fitzpatrick has returned from the Hong Kong gathering of Young'Uns, sponsored by his Office of Lifelong Formation. He made a cameo appearance during the house meeting Wednesday but has since retreated to an undisclosed location, much like Dick Cheney was wont to do but hopefully not for similar reasons. Father Romane St. Vil and Fr. Ed Szendrey have also returned. Fr. Dennis Moorman is due back this weekend.

Ed seemed a little tired (or could be just jet lag) of continued queries as to what transpired in Hong Kong, but he did say something that may alleviate members' frustrations at the apparent secrecy: "It was not a meeting; it was more like a spiritual renewal."

I mean, does anyone really what to read transcripts of our old Holy Land or Lourdes programs? Do we really want to read about the younger members' spiritual renewal? Still, perhaps just a simple list of topics discussed might lessen the ever-increasing generational divide that threatens to tear our Society apart into warring camps bent on mutual annihilation. OK. That was hyperbole. But it was fun to write and it's a hell of lot more interesting than my usual dreck.

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  1. So... many... SAT words...

    So clearly, I did not make it up to Maryknoll today.

    So you need to share as many pictures as your little iPhone can take! FOCUS ON THE FOOD. ..Please?

    So have a nice day! (Just thought I'd keep the pattern going.