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Monday, October 26, 2009

Road Trip

FR. ED SZENDREY AND I hopped in a loaner car and headed up to Syracuse today to attend the wake tonight and funeral tomorrow morning of Joe Saucci, the eldest brother of Fr. Ron Saucci of Hong Kong.

Joe, a carpenter, did extensive work in the Walsh Building back in the day when Ron was head of the Social Communications Department. He built two new offices with large, plate-glass widows for me and then editor Frank Maurovich as well as the chapel on the third floor dedicated to Fr. Tom Takahashi.

Special thanks to Fr. Joe La Mar who would have joined us in this corporal act of mercy had I not already asked him to puppy-sit for Hopi today.

In any event, Ron's other brother Andrew from Long Island and his wife, Norma, were most grateful to see Ed and me and waxed eloquent about their visits to Maryknoll and Hong Kong. Many nieces and nephews as well said, "You must be friends of Uncle Ron."

Given that his own health concerns precluded Ron from attending, Ed and I were happy to continue the Maryknoll tradition of making every effort to attend funerals of relatives of missioners.

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